As we all take a moment to reflect on the year that has some how lapsed by so quickly, I want to talk about change. Change is one of those weird contradictory things in our life. Just like love, change can play on both the good and the evil. It can be dark and drowning or it can be full of light and happiness. 

This year for me was all about change and with that probably was my greatest year of hardships and happiness.

I started out the year a content little bee at where my life was directed. I was finishing my last semester at Culinary school and working so hard to earn my place in the kitchen at a local restaurant. For years & years I have talked a lot about how my one true place was a chaos constructed Friday night kitchen line where I was creating meals for customers with love and carefulness. I thought for a long time that I would always be welcomed and safe in that hut of the restaurant industry because no matter where I had gone in Culinary paths, I had always been so good and so appreciated. I got knocked down when my age and my education, both hands on & mentally, wasn't enough for people above me. 

With the help of my favorite little web designer and dream realists Bre'an Angell, I was able to leave that hell and become more in touch with who I am twenty years old. I have gained a better relationship with my boyfriend of almost two years as the stress of life has lowered substantially. I have grown the vine of mother and daughter love back together. I have seen my niece & nephew blossom into cultured sweet loves. I have spent more time with the people who I threw aside for a job.

With this business I have remembered what it is like to feel proud after an Culinary accomplishment. I have remembered just how wonderful it is to have an idea appear in your head and make that a physical thing to share into the world. I have every hope and happiness I ever dreamed of, but I want to do more.


That is what this year will be about. I am going to work harder to keep the promises I have made to myself and my audience. I am going to transform into a morning lover because that is when I do my best work. I am going to live from behind a camera and a stove and a laptop screen every moment I want to simply because I can. 

So to you I make three promises. 

1. I am going to blog three times every week.

Hopefully it will be Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. But if not you can still count on there being content from me 3 times a week for as long as I can hold that torch.

2. I am going to Instagram everyday.

Instagram is a beautiful land of so many thrilling ideas and inspirations and I want to be one of them.

3. I am going to keep updating and inventing.

I need to start learning more of my craft everyday and it what I shall do. 

This year is going to be about inspirations and promises. I hope you look forward to the long journey of 2016 with me.

Yours truly,