Hello again. 

Oh yes, my loves.

Today marks the one year anniversary of my adventure with Haas of Rachel.

It makes no sense to act as though it isn't obvious. I haven't posted in months. The last six months were a blinding swirl of immense joy full of achievement, launches, and love. But I am sad to say it has been as equally etched with darkness. Like many in their twenties, I have undergone a lot of beneficial pain and I continue to flourish even in minuscule amounts of light.

So what exactly do all of these fancy pretentious tales about my year mean?

Allow me.


For one it means I have moved. Yes, this little woman decided rather than spend all of her money on Jim's Steakout, a Buffalo treasure, at 2am with her friends, she would save her money & rent an adorable 650 square feet studio in the city. I have been challenging my creative aura for interior decorating, pulling pieces from loved ones, Home Goods, thrift shops, and putting to use the 7 totes of things I had been accumulating to move out with. It is a wild experience moving out. One I am looking forward to for the next year. 


How do I afford my charming city coop? In May, I received an opportunity to be the Sous Chef at a famous, ancient club in Buffalo. I may not be practicing my sous vide or molecular gastronomy cooking skills, but the coworkers & remarkable time off make it exponentially worth it. I am honing in & establishes my grounds in Buffalo.


It is onerous to lose a human connection. To think of all the magnificent ways our beings collide to rev our feelings into infinite places. Sometimes it just gets lost in translation and what was, no longer can be. The poetry of heartbreak is still one I am learning to recite. It isn't always hard, but it sure as hell is never easy. Love always remains.


Two thousand sixteen has sprinkled bread down a path I never thought much of, spirituality. Not the organized religion kind. One that forces me to realize facts from NASA like humans are made from the same chemical make up of water as asteroids and my throat Chakra has been closed off recently because I haven't been amusing a creative outlet. All of these visions & thoughts about the universe have allowed me to be in such a state of positivity and confidence.


The waves named friends & family have washed over me this year unlike any other. Somehow I found this brilliant glow of a different love. Multiple types of love, actually. Seeing each one of my family members grow in their own way has given me more fascination in the constant renewal of life.


In 2013, I was utterly addicted to music. I had almost felt as though I could heal all of my tangled problems with a simple playlist. Curating a collection of songs to emphasize my soul has since been a passion, especially as of late. Anytime I'm alone whether it be cooking in my apartment, walking to the train or laying down for rest, music is surrounding me.


So where does all of this leave you & I?

Myself and Haas of Rachel?

It leads us into a future together. I wouldn't call it marriage, but perhaps scheduled visitation. You can see a new post from me every Sunday at noon EST. Maybe if we get lucky I will pop in for a surprise during the week.

For the month of October, I am going to be running an autumnal series on the blog. Each Sunday you can expect a new fall baking recipe! Some simple, some delicately designed.

I hope you are excited for this new adventure just as much as me. 

xx Rachel