One of the greatest things you can do to better your life is become in touch with you spiritual side. Spirituality can be expressed in so many ways, which is the one of the reasons why so many people feel the desperate need for this sense of connection. Being in touch with spirituality does not necessarily mean you have to believe in a specific religion or person.

In my life, I have always felt a deep attraction to the power of the universe. I feel that I flourish during the night when I am relaxed and able to step away from the constant engagements of the day. I am alluding towards the spirituality of astrology. I am not talking about the apps you can download on your phone that will tell you the daily astrology for your astrological sign. Unfortunately, those have given astrology as bad representation. Astrology is more complex than that. I'm talking about the astrology that makes you who you are based on where the planets and stars are. Astrology is an authentic science that various researchers and scientist take pride in studying.  

There is so much reliable research out there waiting for anyone interested. I have books dating back to the 90's that can help someone understand what is beneficial and negative to their life. One of my favorite books is actually a birth chart that calculates who you are as a person based on your specific birth date and birth time. It uses the location of the planets when you were born as a tool to define your personality. One of my favorite things to do in high school, was test the chart on my friends. There is nothing like seeing your friends freak out because what the chart revealed was accurate.

The idea behind astrology is that the planets and the stars energy affect our lives, even before we were born. The main four points astrologers take into account are the location of the planets, where the zodiac signs lie between the planets, astrological houses (based on earth's rotation), & aspects or the distance between the planets during an era. These four components are said to play together and create a person's personality, struggles, triumphs, and energy. The most alluring part of astrology to me, is how the majority of what is written turns out to be true,especially when you look at the big picture. How can we not feel an attraction or connection to the universe when things are constantly reacting because of it? 

Finding something metaphysical to believe in can improve your life in so many ways. It gives you an outside focus and can help you in a lost time. If astrology doesn't seem like your thing, try mediation or crystal healing. Even looking into different religions may be your way to go. But I do suggest going to your local Barnes and Noble or any book store, picking out a astrology book and giving it a chance. You never know what the stars have in store for you. 

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